Delivering Happiness

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One-stop marketplace

Biddi is a one-stop C2C marketplace, where shoppers & retailers come together to buy or sell products, services, and deals. Established in 2014, Biddi orchestrates a network of buyers & sellers enabling them to connect & communicate seamlessly while empowering them with tailored and personalized shopping experiences that match their needs and preferences.


IMC Campaign

We needed to develop a 2-year integrated marketing communications plan to attract and retain buyers and sellers to use across wide array of media channels. In this context, we needed to generate engaging creative content mapped against the customer's intent and decision making styles; building the Biddi brand across 5 stages of the consumer adoption process: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption to drive demand across multiple sales channels.


Happiness isn't for sale.

We cannot buy or sell happiness, because it doesn’t come from things, but rather from experiences and perspectives towards things. The emotional scale defines the motivation in a consumption territory. Consumers buy on emotion because it is the life force by which they act. It's the major driver for a human behaviour. The emotion has to inform our communication and has to create the fundamental building block of our partnership with consumers.


Delivering Happiness

The communication platform acted as framework to populate all the integrated marketing communications with cohesive & consistent messaging. By adding an exponential value for happiness, and resonating optimism around: The platform won’t only leverage delighted experiences for consumers, but also will leverage a cultural fluency for Biddi’s brand personality and values.

Campaign 01

Teasure Jungle

Campaign 02

Social Market

Campaign 03

Laughter Meter

Campaign 04

Heart Decoder

Campaign 05

Audio Memories

Campaign 06

Happiness Barcode

Campaign 07

Currency of Life

Campaign 08

Because Happiness Is