Addressing the Lebanese electoral trajectory


Significant participation by the Lebanese in the parliamentary elections can only be compared to sheep silently and voluntarily going under the butcher's knife. In Lebanon it is quite common for the political elite to give cash to voters, sometimes even as much as $5,000.

It’s not clear if a shake up of the political infrastructure could bring any change as new MPs might well just be new faces replacing the old guard. Lebanon's political structures have resulted in a free market for corruption and lack of accountability in governing parties. Could this be about to change?


While Kababji restaurant stands for healthy food as its main proposition and given that people’s health starts at the edge of living in a healthy society; Kababji wanted to take a sociopolitical stand.


Its been said that most effective communications start by hearing whats not being said. Meet Mr. Kabab, the last candidate to register candidacy for the parliament elections coming this May!