Reinventing the blood donation experience


In 2019, less than 4% of the blood donations were given voluntarily, while the rest had been given on a friendship and familial basis.


Digging deeper into this behavioural pattern, we thought of an emotionally-engaging, and insight-driven twist: Changing the blood bank into a bank for love.


True love is blood-written!


The bus will invite people to express their love and record passionate messages & wishes for someone who live in their hearts and spread all over in their blood.

Recipients will successively receive SMS asking them to donate blood to unlock their true lover. Simultaneously, each recipient in turn will send a new message to a new friend, driving the activation to flow within an endless loop.

The Activation

Unlocking the true
value of love

The Bank of Love will circulate the streets of Beirut bringing joy into the Lebanese streets; firing up the love scene by inviting everyone to spread his love.

The Microsite

Conducting emotionality
for social innovation

A microsite will be launched to showcase the campaign, to consolidate the recorded stories and to announce the new destination routes.

The Content

Building a history
of emotions

By empowering people with a unique and impactful expression tool to express affection like never before; the recorded videos will become an internet sensation by their own.