Introducing T-Roc in MENA


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The Cross-Over Utility Vehicle

The launch of the T-Roc is one of the most anticipated launches in the VW calendar; it is not just a new model, but also the first time that the brand has introduced a new segment to their portfolio - the Cross-Over Utility Vehicle. With this comes an opportunity for a completely new and disruptive social approach, an approach that will enable the brand to talk to a different audience, and one that will ultimately drive market share in 2019.


Social Media Campaign

In order to launch this completely new segment and model to the region, we needed a social media campaign and content strategy that can generate awareness enabling people to discover the car in a regional language that resonates with them, drive engagement by telling stories that capture imagination and build the car’s personality, and inspire the audience to take the next step and book a test drive.


Go Get It

Our ‘Go Get It’ campaign platform pays testament to two main thoughts; our go-getter attitude, inspiring our audience to be bold, daring and different, and ultimately, it’s a CTA to actually step inside the drive that’ll help take them where they want to be.

This campaign is all about culture building, it’s fuelling a passion-filled audience as we celebrate human-achievement, positioning the T-Roc as an enabler and activator of passion and the pursuit of expression.

Go Getters

What better way to position the T-Roc as a car for the people than to showcase people who embody the same values as we do? We want to work with respected influencers in the region who represent our #BornDifferent attitude, spotlighting their inspirational ‘go-getter’ stories to inspire the masses to follow suite and step inside the T-Roc. Without further ado, we introduce to you...

KSA Launch

Volkwagen wanted with this task to understand how familiar we are with the region, KSA market and content we should use. We needed to propose what we should do to relaunch the Volkswagen Brand in KSA.

We Are One

Our campaign is all about creating a clear comparison between us as a brand and KSA as a people - in order for them to give us another chance, they need to respect us as one of their own.

A solution for women, by women

We want to be a brand that does more than run commentary on happening KSA events, but one that goes the extra step and champions solutions for the people.

Brand Love & Engagement

Volkswagen wanted with this task to understand our creativity and if we can work and understand their tone and voice, how to talk/engage with people and how to create spontaneous advocacy. Fans are Volkswagen's biggest assets. We needed to propose 3 small ideas and always-on initiative as a part of a customer delight plan for Volkswagen on social media channels to strengthen their relationship with current customers so they can become their best advocates.